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Panasonic PT-DZ870 Projector

1-3 Day Hire Rate:

£350.00 +vat

1 Week Hire Rate:

£525.00 +vat


The Panasonic PT-DZ870 features a dual-lamp system, it has a compact body whilst providing 8,500 lumen of brightness.

When in ‘Lamp Relay’ mode, the system also eliminates any interruptions if a lamp should fail.

Panasonic’s dynamic RGB booster also achieves high image quality alongside excellent colour reproduction and brightness. Similarly, a Detail Clarity Processor 3 brings further depth and clarity to details.

The projector’s Dynamic Iris feature uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a remarkable 10,000:1 contrast without lowering its high brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more detailed textures.

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