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We have a large stock of 300mm quad truss, perfect for flying, creating free standing truss structures or using as podium stands for lighting or TV screens

300mm Global

Quad Truss

Various Lengths


300mm Global

Quad Truss

2-Way Junction

2 way.jpg

300mm Global

Quad Truss

3-Way Junction

3 way corner.jpg

300mm Global

Quad Truss

3-Way 'T' Junction

Anchor 1
t section truss.png
Top Hat.jpg

300mm Truss

Cover Plate

Truss Plates.jpg

Truss Podiums

(for TV screens

or light podiums)

turss podium.jpg
Anchor 2
1 ton hoist.jpg

Chain Hoists

1T and 0.5T

drop arm.png
drop down bar styrp.jpg

Lighting Drop Down

Arms and Stirrups

Global Truss Modular U Frame - 1000mm + 500mm

Anchor 3
U Frame.jpg

Many more products available on request

If there's something you can't find please get in touch and we'll be happy to help

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